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Kitchen Design

On our return, we prepare initial drawings using the traditional methods of paper and a drawing board. Once those initial designs meet our satisfaction, we input the parameters into a highly-sophisticated Computer-Aided-Design system, from which we produce photo-realistic images of how your new kitchen will look from a number of different angles. The system also allows us to prepare a detailed and realistic costing for the design we have produced.

When the initial design work is completed, usually seven to ten days after your home visit, we will then invite you to make a return visit to our showroom where we will show you the detailed colour images of your proposed kitchen and discuss with you the manner in which we have arrived at the overall design, and the reasons for choosing the various aspects shown. Once everything has been agreed with you, we prepare the final paperwork and a provisional date is agreed for installation.

Take a look at some design examples of the detail images we have produced for previous projects, displayed alongside actual photographs of the finished kitchens, below.

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