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Fitted Kitchens Bristol

March / 17

Fitted Kitchens Bristol - Boulevard Kitchens

Your kitchen really is the heart of your home, being a space for the entire family to relax, cook and forget about the trials of the day. A typical household may only buy 2 or 3 kitchens in their lifetime but a fitted kitchen is a consideration that can make a huge impact on the dynamic in your home. Not only do fitted kitchens change the aesthetic qualities of your home, but it also affects how you use the home as a relaxing space. A stunning kitchen is sure to make your home more hospitable and inviting. If you would like more information on our Fitted Kitchens Bristol service then why not visit our page or speak to a member of our friendly team today!

Fitted Kitchens BristolAt Boulevard Kitchens, we have decades of valued experience with the design of fitted kitchens in Bristol, & in this article, we aim to help you realise your dream kitchen. and this article is designed to help you realise the kitchen of your dreams.

Below we have a few points of contention for you to consider when you're looking at different aspects of your fitted kitchen. A common statement we run into is "I wish we had done something different" referring to the final built state of a new kitchen. The feeling of regret can hurt that much more when you're kitchen is close to perfection, but not quite there yet. This is why it is important to educate yourself on what you actually want from your fitted kitchen, rather than following fads since you won't be able to get the functionality out of the kitchen since features won't be thought out. Doing so will help you make an informed decision since you will be better equipped to make a good decision and not one that is based on your impulse.

Fitted Kitchen Design

Many people jump into big kitchen builds without the proper mindset, preparation and understanding of an appropriate kitchen design. Many aren’t informed of what it actually involves to create your dream kitchen, as they might just think it’s a drop and go style situation. We like to think kitchen design takes a keen eye to the attention you should be paying even to the smallest aspects you wouldn’t normally consider.


Designing a kitchen is a huge undertaking if you’re going it alone, taking a lot of time, money and energy to complete. Even though it can be stressful and time intensive, we’ve seen our customers talk about how much they love and enjoy their kitchen space, so we feel for the investment of your time and energy; it’s a worthwhile expenditure for what you're getting in return.

Before you start tearing down and fitting a new kitchen, you need a specific goal in consideration. The team at Mode Kitchens can help you design a perfect kitchen that is going to fulfil your every need. With their new 3D design software, they can create your personal kitchen layout and integrate any appliance, cabinet, worktop or design aspect you desire, so you can get a bespoke design that you can visualise before you delve into anything.

Your kitchen really is the hub of your home, as it’s a personal space where you can prepare your food, reflect on your day and catch up with your family. Creating a welcoming experience when you’re in the kitchen is quite important, as you want to be able to enjoy the space you’re in, rather than delving into the deep end straight away and realising in hindsight you would have rather chose something else or went with another choice.

The best guidance we can give you for kitchen planning is to understand your needs and correspond these to your facilities. If you have a need for a lot of storage space, then focus on the cabinet space. If you need a larger cooking station then dedicate more space to a range cooker. There are steps you can take to help facilitate your needs so it’s vital you know what you need and want out of your new kitchen. You’ll be starting from a fresh slate when designing your kitchen, which is a rare opportunity when it comes to interior design.

A second thought you should consider is the budget you want to allocate to your kitchen, as it is ultimately going to cost you. Some people see this opportunity as a new chance to re-vamp their most used space, so they go full board and go for everything they’ve ever wanted. We think that with a kitchen space, you should be happy with your usability, considering you’ll be in a property for an average of 6-7 years so it’s best to optimise the kitchen for your needs.

Making the best use of your kitchen space

Are you an avid chef in the house, who needs a professional set of appliances? Or are you a minimalistic cook that's just focused on feeding the family easily and conveniently. These types of questions are what you need to ask yourself/the people you're living with as it's their needs you're trying to fulfil.

Most of our customers will encounter much fewer restraints than what is mentioned above, but we want to mention it as it takes a company two seconds to advertise to its customers, but it takes actual thought into informing people when it comes to kitchen design. We want people to really think about their own needs and requirements in order to actually utilise the kitchen space. Only then can it be a truly bespoke space made for you and your family. The first step in designing a new kitchen should be with the owner deciding what they need from the space and what they would like to accommodate. This can then inform the types of appliances you want to install, taking care of the utility side of the kitchen. Once you're three main types of appliances have been configured (Cooking, Food Prep and Cleanup), you can then think about how to create a visual style around them. There is a myriad of styles and options that you can choose from, with thousands of fitted kitchens that are just slightly different than the last. This choice and variety ensure there'll be something for you!

Functionality In Your Fitted Kitchen

Fitted kitchens are designed to be stunning, so it's easy to overlook the functionality of your kitchen since there is such a big emphasis on chasing the best visual style as you can. Whilst aesthetic is important to us at Boulevard, it's vital that you don't lose sight of how you're going to utilise the space in order to make the kitchen functional. There is no point of building a beautiful looking kitchen when it has no utilitarian qualities whatsoever. It's this fine balance that many budding kitchen designers struggle with, which is where our professional kitchen designers come in since they'll be able to find the perfect blend of looks, style & functionality for your fitted kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances

Regardless of how you plan on designing your kitchen, appliances will always have to be considered as these are the things that will incorporate actual functionality and utility in your kitchen. Choosing the right appliance is important especially for those looking for a fitted kitchen.

Consider what appliances you would like in your kitchen, and whether or not you have the space to accommodate them. If you are planning on big appliances like an American style fridge freezer or a range cooker then it's important to make sure you have the space to install them. It's great to try and push every appliance under the sun into your kitchen, but if you don't have space then it's better left alone with what you can use since you don't want to start cluttering your kitchen space for the sake of having every single feature in the catalogue.

Fitted Kitchens

Fitted kitchens are a great way of tieing the look of your cabinets together, making for a slick aesthetic. Fitted kitchens are designed Fitted Kitchens Bristolas such so that it looks like your cabinets are one single entity rather than scattered cabinets across the kitchen space. A well designed fitted kitchen from Boulevard will cleverly fit together all of your drawers, cabinets and appliances. This paired with the thousands of cabinet styles and colours leave you with a truly bespoke kitchen that you'll be proud to own.

Boulevard Kitchens use the same top quality materials to build all of our kitchens whether it be free-standing or fitted! Our fitted kitchens in Bristol are built by master craftsmen. You are guaranteed a quality kitchen when you enquire with Boulevard. With decades of experience, Boulevard Kitchens is a leading provider of stunning kitchens in Bristol & Weston.

If you would like more details on our Fitted Kitchens Bristol service then why please visit our website or you could visit one of our showrooms in Bristol or Weston to take a look at our exquisite kitchens first hand! With our flagship fitted kitchens in Bristol, you're bound to see something that will inspire you!



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