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Kitchen Design Bristol

March / 19

Kitchen Design Bristol

Boulevard has been Bristol's leading designer kitchen suppliers for decades, designing and fitting stunning kitchens for those looking for premium quality. Established in 1982, Boulevard has always put a strong emphasis on quality, so regardless of what you buy at Boulevard, you are assured quality from the product as well as the service.

We source our kitchens from the best manufacturers in the industry, importing only the best designs for our customers. We have some of these designer kitchens on display in our two showrooms ready for you to view. We have a team of experts that can guide you through the process of fitting a new designer kitchen in your home. We take you through every stage of your kitchen renovation so from design to final installation, you're taken care of.

Kitchen Design In Bristol

When we look at different kitchen designs, we take a look at the layout as the primary design aspect that is subject to change. The layout is what sets out all aspects of the design, so it's important to make sure your floor plan is dialled down. Having a purpose-built layout for your new kitchen is going to be the best bet when it comes to making the most of the space that makes up your kitchen. Boulevard kitchens ofter truly tailored kitchen design using 3D CAD software to have an in-depth look at the space you are working with, as well as a good idea of what your kitchen is going to look like. Boulevard takes the dimensions of your kitchen so they can recreate it within their software so they can fully customise your layout. For more information about our kitchen design service, please visit our page - Kitchen Design Bristol

Kitchen Design BristolIf you're looking for kitchen design in Bristol, then Boulevard Kitchens is the supplier for you. With decades of experience in Bristol & Weston, Boulevard makes sure their customers are taken care of and are left with a kitchen that is nothing short of their dreams.

Comprehending 2D floor plans can be very difficult especially if you don't know what you're looking at. An interior designer can use an insane amount of lingo which just doesn't make sense. When the average person is given a 3d design to look at, they get a real understanding of how space is going to look, especially when rendered in colour which can also be provided by the designers at Boulevard Kitchens. If the rendering is to the customers liking, then the design team can move forward and make the design into reality.

If you are looking for a kitchen design in Bristol, Boulevard has to be your option! Why settle for second best with another supplier when Boulevard Kitchens have a proven track record of providing stunning kitchen designs to hundreds of homes.

Top Kitchen Design Trends - Boulevard Kitchens

At Boulevard, we try and support our clients when it comes to their decision-making process. Having a perfect blend of aesthetic qualities as well as functional is a difficult task when you consider the kitchen design in our perfect build. It takes a keen eye that to produce stunning kitchens which is why Boulevard have made a name for themselves for doing so. The team at Boulevard always keep their fingers on the pulse, listening and finding out the latest kitchen design trends so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest. In this article, we pass some of that knowledge onto you, our client so you can better shape your perfect kitchen design.

Stone Worktops - Kitchen Design Bristol

We've noticed a significant number of households upgrading their laminate worktops to stone worktops, utilising materials such as granite or quartz. Doing so incorporates a much cleaner aesthetic, combining interesting visuals with a sleek glossy worktop. Historically, quartz and granite have been premium materials that were for the most part, out of the price range of your average household. However, developments in refining processes have made these materials much more affordable for those looking for hard natural stone worktops in their kitchen.

Industrial Design - Kitchen Design Bristol

Kitchen Design BristolIndustrial design is a visual style that has bloomed in passing years, particularly in Scandinavia, with striking urban design taking pole position in many Northern European homes. This trend is set to truly mature and bloom in 2018, with many people opting for the industrial design that is usually a happy coincidence when it comes to kitchens in city homes. Details like exposed brick presented piping & minimalist furniture are big components of this style, taking inspiration from industrial mise-en-scenes like factories etc.

The industrial style is further conveyed by using materials like stone, concrete & wood in advanced ways in order to create innovative aesthetic and function. This entire look is a metaphor for smart Scandinavian design, combining the aesthetics from scenes we wouldn't normally correlate together, but somehow blending them into a remarkable amalgamation that has the perfect mix of visual and functional qualities.

Handleless Design - Kitchen Design Bristol

Handleless kitchens have been in the spotlight for a few years now, with many households wanting the sleek design that comes with handleless kitchen units. Handleless kitchens take advantage of the built-in kitchen design, pairing simple yet modern design with great functionality. Glossy finishes are very on-trend with handleless designs, with subtle colours like whites and pastels leading in popularity. There are different ways you can go with handleless designs, as some may want to combine a classic aesthetic with modern conveniences. This is a style we've seen on several occasions at Boulevard and is something we can accommodate for with our bespoke kitchen design service.

Copper Accents - Kitchen Design Bristol

If you haven't noticed already, copper kitchen accessories have been very trendy especially in 2017 which means the popularity should follow through into 2018. If you are thinking of using greys or earthy tones then choosing simple kitchen design will stand the test of time. Copper coloured handles, accessories and appliances are a must for those that are thinking of a kitchen with neutral colours. Copper is a great alternative for those looking to replace stainless steel and black accents in order to better complement their cabinets.

More Technology - Kitchen Design Bristol

Technology has rapidly pushed the development of convenient features in modern kitchens. With innovations like touchscreen cookers that are easy to clean, ceramic induction hobs that are a vast improvement from induction hobs of old, as well as smart fridges that are able to alert you when you need a certain grocery! The list of technological features in a kitchen is endless, meaning you're able to style and design your kitchen with as many futuristic features as you'd like.

Range Cookers - Kitchen Design Bristol

A recent survey states that a range cooker is the ultimate appliance that is on top of everyone's list when it comes to their dream kitchen. If you have the space to accommodate it, a range cooker is a big consideration since they are going to be more expensive than other oven & hob options, however, the range cooker is a feature that most do not regret due to the options and convenience it offers.

Being able to use a good design when it comes to a new kitchen is vital as it's the design which lets us know what products are going to work or not. Rather than wasting money on a kitchen suite that isn't going to fit, we get to preview your kitchen space so that when it comes to fitting the new kitchen, we don't run into any adverse problems. We can also gauge your actual storage requirements so that we can make use of 100% of the space rather than compromising. Once we've finished the designing process, we can then give you a quote for the kitchen, while also listing the costs associated with the purchase.

It's vital that you understand that the kitchen in your home will always be unique since your actual kitchen space isn't used when the kitchen is being designed. The fantastic thing is that our kitchens are based on a scalable system meaning they can be suitable for big or small spaces. Our design team can find the perfect kitchen for you making sure you get your dream kitchen.

Modern kitchens should always be practical, but also welcoming and fun. The days of flat pack kitchens are over, as no one wants to have a drab kitchen design with exposed wiring, un-coordinated appliances and mix and match colouring. Modern kitchen design consists of different elements that make up the overall aesthetic and functional values the kitchen holds. Using simple interior design steps, you can make your dream kitchen a reality. We’ll go through these steps in this post so you can hopefully learn something, and create your perfect kitchen.


Your kitchen design could take influences from all types of kitchens, whether that is classic, contemporary, casual, formal, modern or homey. This aspect comes down to your own preferences as you’re going to be catering for your likes and needs. The majority of the kitchen is going to consist of cabinets, worktops and appliances so anything else you want to incorporate into your kitchen will have to be placed around these base elements. These things will most likely make up your overall aesthetic unless you’re planning on a built-in kitchen with covers for your appliances. This could be a possibility if you don’t mind spending more money, as built-in appliances are somewhat pricier than their freestanding counterpart. This does give you a chance to very easily match the rest of your kitchen, helping you on your visual design much easier than coordinating different appliances is.

Layout and design of your kitchen

The layout of the kitchen is usually based on the principle of a “work triangle”, with each point being the sink, the fridge and the cooking station/hobs. We look at the layout as a triangle because we want to make the interaction between these three as efficient as possible to reduce the steps a cook will take to use the space effectively. A good layout should increase workflow and not hinder it, as we still want functionality in your kitchen. There are obviously more elements to consider with modern appliances, as we tend to use much more than three steps to cook food, but it’s a good foundation concept to start from so you can work up and integrate any other appliances in the future you find yourself using frequently.

Cabinets in your kitchen design

If you’re starting from a fresh canvas, then you’re obviously going to have to start with new cabinets/cupboards, which you can purchase to your preference. Most people are replacing their older kitchen so a choice arises from this, which is either replacing or refinishing the pre-existing cabinets. If they match the current style you were going for, then refinishing/refurbishing the older cabinets may be the way forward. Although if you’re going for a modern aesthetic and you have the 1930’s wooden cottage cabinets installed, then you may have to opt to rip the old cupboards out and have new and more suitable storage fitted. New cabinets have a large amount of variety, as most come from laminated wood that can be coloured in anything you like. There are also a bunch of choices in the storage facilities in your kitchen, items like slow closing doors, child safe cabinets and multi-door cabinets are open to your consideration.

Kitchen Worktops

People underestimate how important countertops/worktops are but they literally make up the surface you work on when you use the kitchen. Unless you’re going to balance a cutting board on top of your fridge then you have to think about the space you want to dedicate to your kitchen worktops. There are a plethora of different kitchen worktop surfaces you can incorporate into your kitchen design, so have a browse on how durable you want your worktops, what material you’d like them in and how much budget you want to allocate towards that. Ideally, you would want a non-porous surface that can be easily cleaned so nothing too high maintenance

Appliances for your kitchen design

This is one of the more important aspects, as your choice in appliances will not only dictate the look of your kitchen but the overall functionality of your kitchen too. Your basic appliances are going to be your sink, refrigerator, washing machine and a cooker/hob station. When you’ve planned for these base appliances, you can then add things like dishwashers, wine coolers, fryers, and everything else you may consider. Think of the “work triangle” when you plan for the placement for your appliances, as this is going to dictate your workflow and the overall usability of the kitchen.

Why pick Boulevard for your kitchen design in Bristol?

We know that a new bespoke kitchen is a huge commitment, and it's hard sometimes to trust a supplier/company that you have just met. Rest assured, we are professionals when it comes to designing, supplying & installing kitchens. It can be hard to find out who you can trust when it comes to kitchen suppliers since there are so many horror stories about the chain brand providers offering shoddy products. We can assure you that our kitchens are of the highest quality, originating from either England or Germany. Your search for a reliable kitchen company can end with Boulevard Kitchens! Our team have had thousands of happy customers giving us an impressive portfolio when it comes to beautiful designer kitchens.

As Bristol’s leading independent kitchen designer and retailer, we are the perfect provider for any homeowner looking for a new kitchen that perfectly suits there needs.

All of our kitchens are provided by leading manufacturers that have decades of experience creating beautiful kitchens. With a portfolio that is unrivalled, Boulevard has the widest ranges of kitchen designs in Bristol!

If you are seeking a quality kitchen as well as professional kitchen design, then Boulevard can help. With two elegant showrooms in Bristol & Weston, we're able to provide a helpful service so that your journey in designing a new kitchen is as smooth and easy as possible. Our friendly team helps you to design a kitchen that suits not only your needs but also your budget too.

Boulevard helps you to design and build your perfect kitchen, taking you through the entire process. We provide professional consultation, design and advice so that you're kept informed throughout the whole process making the journey from kitchen design to installation as comfortable as possible.

With showrooms in both Weston & Bristol, we're able to provide a first-hand view of our beautiful kitchens wherever you're based. With Boulevard being the leading independent kitchen retailer and kitchen designer in Bristol, we welcome all to our showroom to see our wide range of kitchens that may appeal to you. Our displays showcase the latest in kitchen design, whether it be classic, handleless or contemporary, Boulevard can provide it! Come in for a chat and coffee so we can discuss your ideas and maybe we can even give you a few ideas of our own!

If you’ve found any of the images on our website inspiring and have any ideas about your new kitchen that you’d like to discuss with us, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear about what you’re looking for in a kitchen, so visit our showroom, or contact us via our website to arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our designers.

Boulevard Kitchens are employed to work for you. When you take on a kitchen with Boulevard, you embark on a journey to discovering your perfect kitchen. Your kitchen is much more than somewhere you cook your food. It's a communal space where memories can be made. Arranging your dream kitchen design Bristol is as simple as visiting our website or giving our professional design team a call on 0117 962 9669. We also have two beautiful showrooms in Bristol & Weston-super-Mare waiting for you to visit so you can better inform yourself on the different styles of kitchens. From classic, contemporary to handleless, Boulevard has it all!



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