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Kitchen Trends Of 2018 - Boulevard Kitchens

May / 17

Kitchen Trends Of 2018 - Boulevard Kitchens

Historically, kitchens have always been a "function first" space that was geared towards providing a convenient way of cooking at home. There were no frills or thought put into the appearance of the room. Fast forward to 2018 and the kitchen in our homes play a much more advanced role.

Kitchens are much more of a focal point in modern homes since it's usually the space that is in the middle of the home. Kitchens are usually social areas of your home, where people can chat, cook and eat. Kitchens are a space now that have much pride taken in them, with a lot of attention being put on the looks, styling & appearance of them. Kitchens have widened in their purpose over the years however function is still an important part of its design. If a kitchen isn't functional, there isn't any design that can make it a good kitchen. It's great to focus on the appearance, but you must design function & convenience into your kitchen at the same time.

Technology has pushed a lot of the changes that we now see in kitchens, contributing to the concept we now call the modern kitchen. Integrating different technologies into a kitchen has changed the dynamics since kitchens are much more of a social space.

With some help from our top kitchen designers, we'll go through some of the top trends we either predict or are already trending in 2018!

1. Sleek Handleless Kitchens

Sleek Handleless KitchensTechnology has pushed the development of the kitchen space a huge amount. Popular manufacturers have started to integrate smart technology with kitchen appliances. From fridges that will connect to the internet, to lighting that you can control with your phone. This is truly a modern "Smart" kitchen.

Smart kitchens don't necessarily need to be sleek in design however it is the most suiting of styles since it matches the concept of the kitchen. Sleek handleless aesthetics mixed with the seamless usability & conveniences make for a very calming space to be in. For this style of kitchen, we would recommend one of our modern handless designs, made from the finest materials so that your kitchen is as strong as you want it to be. Professionally installed by our team, the kitchen should last the test of time.

2. Changing up the colours of your cabinets

Kitchen CabinetsWhilst white is still the biggest colour for kitchen cabinets, we are seeing a rising trend of people opting for coloured cabinets to change their design up. White kitchens will always be timeless since it's minimalistic styling paired with a unique design is amazing in its appearance. Homeowners will usually opt for white cabinets but it's refreshing to see an injection of colour in both modern & classic styled kitchens. If you want to hop on this 2018 kitchen design trend, start designing your kitchen with coloured cabinets so that you can use them to compliment coloured aspects in your kitchen. From different stains of wood to differently painted finishes, you can take the colour accents and truly make it your own.

As popular as white cabinets are, we recommend grey a lot to people who aren't keen on having a white kitchen. Most people will think white kitchens are harder to clean, and whilst this is far from the truth people just can't seem to get over it. This is why grey is a good choice for a lot of budding home renovators since it's a colour not seen too abundantly, which gives a refreshing visual effect on any home. Grey cabinets are like the chameleon of the kitchen world, offering versatility for any style or design.

3. Streamlined Designs & Styles

Streamlined StylesWhilst classic styles are still popular throughout the UK & Bristol, Modern streamline kitchens are rising in popularity. Designs are getting more streamlined in their aesthetic, taking much more design influence from European kitchens, especially German. The "no snags" look connotes a stress-free environment where everything is smooth and sleek, allowing you to really enjoy the space you're cooking/relaxing in after the day to day stresses of life. Simplicity breeds visual elegance, and it's the case here with simplistic but well thought out kitchens.

You might think that the streamlined kitchen is lazy designing, however, it's even harder to render good design into a minimalistic kitchen than it is with a "busy" kitchen. You're limited to what you can do in terms of design since everything is hidden away. This means the design has to stand up for itself, as it can't hide behind appliances & cabinets.

We see a lot of kitchen designers using textures in their designs too since minimalism doesn't have to mean boring monochromatic colours. Open shelves made from woods or metal are popular if you're opting for an industrial look. The juxtaposition of a streamlined kitchen with an industrial aesthetic is a strong one that we see popularising in 2018. Even rough slab floor tiles rendered in a natural stone would accent a kitchen since texture breaks up the negative space.

4. Think about your storage!

Kitchen StorageWhilst this isn't necessarily a trend, it is an important consideration for anyone even thinking about renovating their kitchen. Regardless of what style or design you choose, you have to remember space is king. Kitchen cabinets are not useless design aspects made to fill space. They are usable storage that is very important in a kitchen! Be smart in how you incorporate space & storage into your design. You could use drawers, cabinets and shelves in conjunction to really refine your design. A good kitchen will be one that you love cooking/being in. Make sure you're designing the kitchen for the people that are using it. If you're an avid baker, think about your needs in terms of the oven & other cooking appliances. If you're a family cook who whips up a storm every day, then the fridge & hob top are probably your priority!

Are you looking for a new kitchen in 2018? Do you live in the Bristol area? Why not consult with the professionals at Boulevard! We've been in the kitchen sector since 1982, proudly providing kitchens to thousands of families. Visit our page on Kitchens Bristol or call us on 0117 962 9669 for more information.



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