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Kitchens Bristol

February / 13

Kitchens Bristol - Contemporary Kitchen Design By Boulevard Kitchens

If you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, then there is a lot of benefit & merit you can gain from looking around in a kitchen showroom. Showrooms are going to display the newest kitchen designs as well as innovations in built-in appliances. Having a look at these show kitchens is going to help a lot when it comes to visualising what you want in a kitchen since you’re able to picture your dream kitchen much more vividly when you’re looking at example kitchens. It’s great to pull inspiration from display kitchens, taking influence from different styling’s to truly customise a kitchen. For more information about our kitchens, please visit our page on Kitchens Bristol

Kitchens BristolOnce you have a clear idea of the details of your home kitchen, you can employ the service of a professional kitchen designer who can help you stitch together your favoured elements into one swift design, visualised in 3d CAD design so that you’re able to preview your dream kitchen. It’s the kitchen designers job take the layout of your kitchen space to design the perfect bespoke kitchen. It’s our priority to not only provide function but form too; mixing any styling from contemporary to classic with the features you require making a truly tailored space. It’s this tailoring service that really personalises a space making it your own.

Are you actually happy with your current kitchen or just really comfortable?

When it comes to our kitchens, we always choose comfort over happiness. If you're comfortable with the layout of the kitchen but strive to have something more then you have to dedicate time and effort into designing something that combines both comfort and happiness. If your kitchen doesn't convey happiness or comfort then what is it even offering?

Kitchens are really the heart of your home, combining a living space with good levels of utility for the perfect space you can cook, relax and dine in. If your kitchen is old and dingy then it'll have an adverse effect on the feel of the entire home. We understand that designing & having a new kitchen fitted is not a small undertaking so we've listed a few points you may want to consider if you're indecisive about fitting a new kitchen in your home!

1 - Your existing kitchen is holding you back - Kitchens Bristol

If you're an avid cooker or even just a dab hand in the kitchen, the usability that comes with it is incredibly important since the point of a kitchen is to help you cook delicious food, either for yourself or your family. If your kitchen and its appliances are holding you back by not offering enough convenience and usability then it's not doing its job or at least not well. If you're indecisive on whether or not you want a new kitchen, then take a look at how much more convenient and usability a new kitchen can bring you. If your current kitchen is run down and needs some TLC then a newly fitted kitchen may be the best thing for it.

2 - Your kitchen is outdated & cramped - Kitchens Bristol

If you've just moved into a new home that was built a while back then you may be stuck in a kitchen that's stuck in the past. Not only are the appliances going to disadvantage you but they're also going to make space much less usable. Older kitchens will also make ill-use of the space since there are no modern conveniences like compact storage which offers the same amount of storage space in a smaller size format. Cabinets like this will renew the entire room, even though you are still using the old kitchen space. If you're finding that you're running out of room, or having difficulty comfortably using the space you have, then it may be time to update your kitchen!

3 - Your kitchen isn't designed for specific needs - Kitchens Bristol

It's difficult when we move into a home to find a kitchen that is truly ours. For those that are lucky enough to land in a kitchen that fully suits them, there are the rest of us that need changes in order to make the kitchen a truly "built for purpose" space. One of the best things about building a new kitchen is exactly that. You're building a brand new kitchen from the ground up. Want more storage space? you can have it. Want a range cooker with multiple plate warmers? There's an appliance for that. The world is your oyster when it comes to tailoring a kitchen that is the perfect space for your use! It's rare that we ever get to truly pick how we design a room in our homes, so when it comes to building new kitchens, you really are given so much freedom to personalise the space to fit your needs.

Kitchen Styles & Design - Kitchens Bristol

Contemporary kitchens in Bristol combine the latest in kitchen technology with advanced materials in order to provide the best kitchen with the most practical features and functions for your use. We aim to provide kitchen solutions so that we can match your particular lifestyle. Contemporary kitchens are suitable for most homes, whether you're in a city apartment or a rural home as everybody can enjoy the advantages of a modern kitchen!

Contemporary kitchens Bristol in Bristol combine modern materials, colours and finishes with pure lines and durability. This allows the team at Boulevard to push the level of design, giving us outstanding contemporary aesthetic that is bound to look perfect in your home. We never forget about functionality, as we integrate aesthetic qualities with practicality, never forgetting the main reason a kitchen is there.

Handleless kitchens Bristol offered by Boulevard incorporate simple, yet functional designs to create an elegant and sleek modern style for your own kitchen space. Handleless kitchens are great for open-plan homes that integrate living areas with the kitchen, making the kitchen much more of a feature in a property due to its aesthetic pleasure. A design like this combines kitchen and living areas which gives a smooth transition between dining and kitchen spaces.

With handleless kitchens in Bristol becoming more and more popular, the number of manufacturers choosing to product kitchens in a handleless style has increased dramatically. Almost any decent kitchen manufacturer will produce an excellent handleless kitchen design meaning you're spoilt for choice if it's a style you are looking for. Paired with the rise in touch-button controls in all types of appliances, the handleless/buttonless kitchens are set to make a statement in the coming years.

Classic kitchens Bristol provided by Boulevard make use of both classic and traditional styles to create a timeless looking kitchen that has all of the modern trimmings that we've grown comfortable using. Our classic kitchens incorporate the latest in usability and convenience. without compromising the overall aesthetic of a more traditional property as the kitchen conveys a much more classic style

Even though classic kitchen designs naturally features more edges and recesses, the materials used in our kitchens are always easy to clean, making kitchen cleaning a breeze. You may also think a classic kitchen restricts your choices in appliances, but we're still able to integrate and offer a wide range of complementary appliances. These include ovens and hobs and all other kitchen amenities that we've learnt to love in a modern kitchen.

All of the designs we've mentioned can be designed and built with traditional materials, from solid wood doors to classic countertop materials like granite and quartz. We're also able to make a kitchen as modern as you'd like using the latest gloss polymer finishes, quartz worktops and coloured glass splashbacks. We also allow the incorporation of all types and styles of appliances, from traditional range cookers to built-in appliances like fridge freezers and state-of-the-art slide & hide ovens.

Big is not always better! - Kitchens Bristol

Our team have been designing kitchens in Bristol for decades, so we have a few things for you to look out for as these are common mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to redesigning your kitchen:

A well-designed, simplistic yet clever design is going to result in a much better kitchen than one that has been designed just to be big. Trying to force a restaurant scale kitchen into a home is all well if you need the appliances, but it’s a fair statement to say the average domestic household doesn’t need it. As long as your kitchen is carefully designed, then you will end up with a fantastic final design

Making sure your kitchen matches your uses is important so as long as you are getting the function out of the space, you can then work on the form. Bigger isn’t better when a bigger kitchen hasn’t been designed effectively.

Focus on storage! - Kitchens Bristol

Incorporating beautiful design into a kitchen often means de-cluttering your space and having smart storage so that your kitchen never gets cluttered. A lot of people have a beautiful built-in kitchen installed in their home but then skimp on storage which means they have 1001 things on the counters and worktops, cluttering the kitchen ruining the aesthetic of the entire space.

Cheaper is never better. If you’re opting for luxury with the kitchen design, then storage has to be considered. Investing in good kitchen design will mean your designer is going to take the time required to incorporate storage measures into your space effectively. This means you’re getting a lot of function while preserving the form.

Why Pick Boulevard Kitchens? - Kitchens Bristol

Our designers produce the best kitchens in Bristol, advising you on a few aspects that might be helpful when it comes to fitting your kitchen, since there may be technical aspects that shape how the kitchen will look. For example, there may only be one plumbing point which means it would be easier to have the sink/dishwasher on one side of the space rather than the other.

We can help combine utility with design, maximising the space used while still keeping eloquent & beautiful design, so you get no compromises when it comes to luxury.

Everything is accounted for, from your cabinets to your worktops. We make sure all aspects of your design are thought through so that your final kitchen design is nothing short of amazing. We take a lot of pride in the work we do, so you can assure yourself that Boulevard is providing you with a truly bespoke kitchen that you can be proud to own. When it comes to kitchens, Boulevard is one of the best providers out there.

Boulevard offers a wide range of kitchens from classic designs to contemporary styling’s so that we have something that everyone will like. We stock the latest in German kitchens in Bristol with award-winning contemporary design as well as classic English designs that are an amalgam of classic design with modern appliances. We live and breath kitchens Bristol as well as kitchen design so if you’re looking for luxury kitchens in Bristol there is only one place to go. Enquire with Bristols leading independent kitchen provider! Visit our page on Kitchens Bristol or visit one of our showrooms in Bristol or Weston!



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