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Neff Slide and Hide Ovens

July / 09

Neff Slide and Hide Ovens - Boulevard Kitchens

When we think about particular brands, certain things stick out which often end up settling what that brand represents. When we look at Neff, it has always been a brand synonym for reliable products that are made to last. From electrical home appliances to kitchen appliances, Neff products offer innovative & unique styles without forgetting about functionality. From Neff Slide and Hide Ovens to modern Induction Hobs, Boulevard are able to provide it here!

Neff Slide and Hide Ovens

The future of Neff is bright, and when it comes to Neff products they always seem to be produced for the future, being leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in terms of product development & design. Modern Neff products give you the ability to create a remarkable kitchen as you intended as they can suit any style. From stylish contemporary design to more of a classic approach, Neff products have the ability to transcend through time.

A product that is worth highlighting is the Neff Slide & Hide oven. In this post, we want to discuss some of its features and how you could benefit from having one in your kitchen. Like we mentioned before, Neff appliances have the ability to fit into a room regardless of the style since they are just quite adaptable due to their functionality. Neff Slide & Hide been developed by chefs who're passionate about the food they cook and also the kitchen area surroundings that they cook in.

Durability can often be the main question asked when it comes to an appliances reliability. Neff Slide & Hide ovens are built to be durable, as the mechanism needs to be robust due to its sliding movement. You may think that this way of moving the oven door seems fragile but it is the same, if not stronger than a conventional oven door. Neff's Slide & Hide system means that you're able to glide the door from the oven face straight into a cavity below the oven. This makes it much safer to remove & place things in the oven, as well as giving you easier access to the food should you need to taste, baste or just check on how it's cooking. Neff’s unique Slide&Hide® door is the only oven door that slides away under the oven cavity. There isn't another style of an oven that allows for easier access.

The disappearing door isn’t the only feature you’ll discover on our range of ovens. Our ovens feature a range of different modes that will suit your lifestyle, enhancing every meal that you cook!

Neff ovens also come with an AQUAASSIST® mode that allows you to keep food warm and moist even as it is being prepared! This allows you to cook food thoroughly whilst keeping it moist and delicious. The CIRCOTHERM® feature makes use of the range fans that deliver air across the oven and is a key feature of Neff Slide & Hide ovens.  This feature allows for even cooking across the entire oven which allows you to cook multiple items regardless of where you put them.

There is also a FULLSTEAM®  steaming mode, that gives you so many more options than a conventional oven would. The FULLSTEAM® mode allows you to make use of the great SousVide cooking method. SousVide is an incredibly gentle way of cooking that helps to intensify the flavours in the food whilst retaining its goodness. Simply place your intended food into a  vacuumed sealed bag and begin cooking it at a constant low temperature. The gradual heat will slowly cook your food through imbuing lots of flavours, whilst leaving the food with a texture you've never tasted before! When cooked at such low but consistent temperatures, meat becomes juicier, fish becomes more tender and vegetables stay crunchy and colourful. This alone makes a Neff Slide and Hide Ovens worth while.

Boulevard Kitchens - £500 Contribution Offer

We want everyone to have their dream kitchen, which is why Boulevard is offering a £500 deposit contribution for every new kitchen bought with appliances!

This offer applies to everyone that orders a kitchen with appliances between the 1st of July to the 31st of August. The appliances needed to qualify for this offer must include a Neff slide & hide oven & 4 other major appliances (warming drawers and accessories do not count). *Minimum spend on kitchen furniture £3000.

Like to learn more about how you can further develop your kitchen design by incorporating smart appliances? You can now by visiting our showroom in Bristol or Weston. We also have a huge gallery on our website for you to view! Visit our site today at - Neff Slide and Hide Ovens



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