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Planning For Your Kitchen

May / 08

Planning For Your Kitchen - By Boulevard Kitchens

Planning for a new kitchen can be years in the making, especially when you're trying to design your perfect kitchen. If you're looking to renovate your existing kitchen, are you going to opt for a slight re-design or a complete overhaul? This is all going to depend on your current living situation too as new properties will be a truly blank canvas. Whilst others see renovating a kitchen as a daunting project, some take upon themselves to make space their own. If you'd like more information about planning your kitchen, visit our page on Kitchens Bristol or call our team on 0117 962 9669

Kitchens BristolChanging your current kitchen:

If you focused on renovating your existing space then you have to start looking at your the existing features of the kitchen space. Find what you don't like in your pre-existing kitchen as a starting point on what you'd like to change. Think about what's missing too, so that you can try and incorporate them into your new space. For those that are completely renovating the space, now is the best time to incorporate those features that you have always wanted.

If you plan on renovating your kitchen to increase the resale value of your home, then it may be a futile effort since it may not have the desired effect. New homeowners will always want to put their stamp on the place, so they may very well want to renovate the kitchen anyway. Be careful about making the kitchen too specific to your needs, since the new homeowners may not have a need for a lot of the features in the new kitchen. If this is why you want a new kitchen then we suggest updating the superficial parts of the kitchen like worktops and cabinets since this is what potential buyers are going to see.

Kitchen Planning - What you should consider:

If you are planning on an entirely new kitchen, you have to think about the layout of the space, and how you're using that space currently. Think about your "work triangle" plotting the main areas of use and how to make those as convenient as possible. You don't want to clutter the space so it's important to think about how you're going to work in the kitchen.

Be smart about where you're going to place appliances too, as this is a common oversight that a lot of people make. Instead of placing the washing machine and tumble dryer on opposite sides of the room, place them together for convenience! Combining commonly used appliances will create a much more thought out kitchen that won't stress you out everytime you do something.

Considering aspects like this also makes sure that installation goes without a hitch, since it's easier to hook up electrical points of appliances are grouped together. It's also easier to build into the kitchen since everything is together & integrated.

Kitchen Design BristolWorktop Space:

Another aspect of a kitchen that is often overlooked is the worktop space. Worktop space is taken for granted however it's what makes or breaks a kitchen. From being used a table to being used for food prep, a worktop is what sets apart an alright kitchen to your perfect kitchen. Make sure you have enough worktop space in your kitchen build, whether you're renovating or building a new kitchen. A smart way of planning your kitchen is by putting a lot of worktop pace next to your cooker as it makes sense to have space whilst you're cooking.

Kitchen Storage:

One of the most important aspects of a kitchen is storage space. If you had every appliance, cooking utensil and dish out in the open it would clutter the kitchen up. Look at how you're going to store things whether it be standard cabinets, drawers & shelves.

Large Appliances/Features:

If you have always wanted an American fridge freezer or a kitchen island or even a range cooker, now is the time to optimise the space for it. People can make the mistake of compromising in a smaller kitchen that is unoptimised for this type of appliance. Make sure you plan for a feature like a kitchen island, making use of the empty space to your advantage.

The layout of your kitchen:

This may be something less important to think about, however, you should still be mindful of. Elements like power outlets, water sources and plumbing will make the placement of kitchen features & appliances harder, so decide whether it’s worth redoing wiring and plumbing if you are going to resurface the kitchen space. Whilst you are doing this, make sure you plan in advance where appliances are going, so you can dedicate an outlet or a plumbing source where appliances are going to be placed.

As we mentioned, adapting from your existing kitchen or thinking about what you want is the best way to plan for your new kitchen. Thinking of the features you were missing or you would have wanted is the best way to improve your idea of your perfect kitchen, giving you better function as well as style you want.

Are you planning on renovating your kitchen in 2018? Do you need a reliable kitchen provider that you can depend on? Boulevard Kitchens is here to help! With our experienced kitchen designers & our professional assistance, we can help you build your perfect kitchen! Visit our page on Kitchens Bristol or call our team on 0117 962 9669



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